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French Energy Company Dalkia acquires majority share in energy-savings company KES The company has long-term investment plans for the Bulgarian energy sector Aug 22, 2006, Sofia. Dalkia Bulgaria, subsidiary of Dalkia International, purchased 55% of the shares of the energy-saving cooperative company KES Co. Dalkia Bulgaria acquired the shares of former major stakeholder RWE Industrie-Loesungen. The other 45% of the share capital of KES Co. are owned by Stadwerke Leipzig. KES Co. is mainly pursuing various energy and energy-efficiency projects related to building facilities and production. Dalkia will provide its worldwide experience and know-how in the energy sector to KES, which realizes energy savings projects for client such as Sofia Municipality. Dalkia is acquiring the majority share of KES as part of its long-term projections for investments in the Bulgarian market. Dalkia Bulgaria will apply for qualification as a participant in the bidding procedures for privatization of the heating supply companies based in Plovdiv, Dalkia has been working in Central and East-European states, demonstrating the sustainability of its corporate business model in Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania and Slovakia. The company provides the installations it operates increased energy performance while streamlining their management. Dalkia ensures operation and maintenance to 146 regional and local heating systems and manages 1 923 energy sites of 9 986 MW power capacity. Dalkia is supplying energy to 866 000 households in the CEEC. The above-mentioned countries take the best advantage of a long-term partner in the French energy supplier that supported them in the process of deregulation of the energy market and facilitated the reconstruction of the major heating supplying companies. Dalkia is a leading European supplier of energy services. Priority fields of the company's activity are the sectors of energy production and conversion, management of energy supplying plants and installations, and the comprehensive management of buildings, among other. The company's focus is on the optimization of variegated energy installation's performance in terms of technical efficiency, cost-effectiveness and environmental issues. In 2005 Dalkia's realized an annual turnover of Euro 6.1 billion and supplies energy services to over 5.1 mln households worldwide. Details about Dalkia: A subsidiary of Veolia Environnement and Electricite de France (EDF), Dalkia International is the leading European provider of energy services to local authorities and businesses. Since its creation, it has focused on energy and environmental optimisation. It meets customer expectations by delivering customised, end-to-end solutions to ensure comfortable living and efficient energy supply, including management of heating systems and energy and industrial fluid production facilities, energy plant engineering and maintenance services, technical services for commercial and industrial building operation, and global facility management services. With more than 47,000 employees in 38 countries, Dalkia reported 2005 managed revenue of €6.1 billion. In the CEEC, Dalkia's turnover for 2005 amounted to 674 million euros, for a total staff of 7 969. Worldwide, Dalkia operates and maintains 650 regional and local heating supply and cooling systems, managing 88.000 energy installations for a total of 81.000 MW power capacity.
About us:
Company for Energy Saving AD (CES AD) was established in May 2001.
The Company operates in the energy sector and its main activities include consulting, research, design, engineering and energy efficiency services.
The main shareholder with a 55% stake of CES AD is Dalkia Bulgaria, subsidiary of Dalkia International. Stadtwerke Leipzig holds 45% of CES AD.
We commit our efforts into finding the most modern technological, organizational and economic energy saving decisions. Our work is based on the multifaceted experience and traditions of our shareholders and Bulgarian experts employed.

We focus our activities in the organization and implementation of energy efficiency services in industry and households, by maintenance and regulation of equipment, installations and buildings that bring about a corresponding decrease in consumption of thermal and electric energy.
In terms of our activities, our Company policy and the approach we implement, we can easily identify our business as a typical ESCo company in Bulgaria. Although such business has only been made possible since recently, after adoption of the Act of Energy and Energy Efficiency, the Company is already in the process of implementation of several energy efficiency projects in public buildings in Sofia.
CES AD is a member of BIBA (Bulgarian International Business Association).
Areas of activity: Energy saving projects in:
Preliminary studies and project design
Energy audits
Energy efficiency solutions
Renewable energy sources

Industrial enterprises
Public buildings
Hotels and restaurants
Schools and kindergartens
Hospitals and health institutions, etc.
Approach: We offer a fundamental solution:
Our approach to satisfying customer's needs is based on energy efficiency services contracting, through which we engage in identification and assessment of opportunities for energy saving, recommendation and implementation of various energy saving measures, as well as provision of guarantees for their efficiency (pay-off through savings accomplished and shared) within the frame of our commitment, including in the long term.
Through expert audits we estimate the potential for energy saving. Our experts propose the solutions and prepare the projects. Company for Energy Saving secures the funds for improving the energy efficiency and implements the project, whereas the customer benefits from the savings achieved through energy management.
Main stages of our cooperation: Additional negotiation is possible:
Energy audits: Research of energy consumption on site. Audit of building's installations and customer's equipment and facilities.
Estimation of saving potential: Analysis of existing situation, modeling of energy consumption, estimation of main energy characteristics of regular mode of operation, analysis of energy transmission processes and estimating the potentials for energy savings.
Offering of solutions and project design: Estimation of energy saving measures and adequate technical approaches for their implementation, economic assessments of energy saving measures, preparation of full technical project along with organizational and investment program for energy management.
Project implementation: Funding, supply and installation of necessary equipment, monitoring and assurance of results, organizing and performing of energy saving measures and transfer of ownership.

In additions, further arrangements can include:
Training of customer's staff for maintenance of equipment
Technical support and servicing